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Hyper Island



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Hyper Island

Hyper Island

Hyper Island designar lärande upplevelser som utmanar företag och individer att växa och föbli konkurrenskraftiga i en allt mer digitaliserad värld. Vårt sortiment av utbildningar syftar till att utru... Läs mer

XR Creative Developer

This program will provide the knowledge and skills required to help you launch your career as an XR Creative Developer. You’ll spend 53 weeks at our Stockholm campus, plus 27 weeks doing an internship anywhere in the world.


Facebook has changed its name to Meta and more and more organizations are eyeing the metaverse. This means that opportunities and applications in Virtual, Augmented and Mixed reality – with the collective name Extended Reality (XR) – are growing at a fast pace. Between 2020 and 2026, MarketWatch predicts that global XR production will grow by 46.5% per year.

The technology has matured and the applications beyond the entertainment sector in, for example, medtech, infrastructure, fashion and education are gaining ground. The program thus responds to a demand for competence that can design an immersive experience with a holistic approach to user behavior, pedagogy, value creation and ethics. In addition to solid skills in design and XR technology (both software and hardware), skills in agile development are developed. The program leads to roles such as XR Creative Designer, XR Designer, Metaverse Designer, Technical Artist, AR / VR Designer, AR / VR Producer.

Get industry relevant skills

Roles you can get after graduating this program are AR/VR Developer, Game Developer, Immersive Experience Designer, XR Creative Developer, XR Designer, Metaverse Designer

The industry’s competence requirements for the role, that you will cover during this program are:

  • 3D design, 3D animation and visualization
  • Use techniques and tools to develop prototypes
  • Usability, design and UX (user experience) in immersive media
  • Work with agile development in teams
  • Design an XR experience with a holistic understanding of user behavior, pedagogy, value creation, ethics
  • Ability to constantly learn for continuous professional development
  • Manage time estimation, resources, requirements, relationships, etc. from different stakeholders in XR projects
  • Stay up to date on developments in the industry and work strategically with new applications within XR
  • Be able to use software, technologies, platforms, hardware, etc. for XR design and development
  • System design

Hyper Island gave me the foundation to approach creative challenges in an effective manner. I gained an understanding of team dynamics and how to manage processes and culture. Focusing on how to work in order to optimise creativity and feedback within each team.

Linus Hultkrantz, UX Designer @ Valtech