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The University of Lapland

the university of lapland

Studying and Programmes

  • The University of Lapland is a broadly-based, international centre for education and research located in Rovaniemi on the Arctic Circle.

  • As the northernmost university in Finland and in the European Union, issues pertaining to the circumpolar north receive special attention and constitute essential topics in our research and teaching.

  • On our another field of expertise, tourism, we aim to reach an internationally recognized position as a leading centre of tourism research.

  • With a broad range of study opportunities that combine research with education and science with art; we offer the possibility to learn about art and design, education, law, and social sciences.

  • Our wide selection of international courses and programmes comprises of individual courses to international Master’s Degree and Postgraduate Degree studies. All faculties offer Postgraduate research training.

Faculty of Art and Design

Art Education
Audiovisual Media Culture
Clothing Design
Graphic Design
Industrial Design
Interior and Textile Design

Faculty of Education

Adult Education
Class Teacher Training
Gender Studies
Media Education


Faculty of Social Sciences

Administrative Science
Applied Psychology
International Relations
Political Science
Public Law
Rehabilitation Science
Social Work
Tourism Research

Faculty of Law

Master of Laws
Bachelor of Laws