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Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

SLU är ett universitet med samlad kunskap om ett hållbart nyttjande av de biologiska naturresurserna, inom miljö och inom livsvetenskaperna. Läs mer

Rural Development and Natural Resource Management 

Why is it so difficult to collectively organize sustainable fishing in Lake Chilwa in Malawi? What are the basic ideas of development policies of the EU and the World bank?

There is a growing understanding that the challenges of development and management of rural areas globally will depend on a variety of social, economic, political and ecological factors. Being able to understand and manage the complex reality therefore requires interdisciplinary analyzes and innovative solutions.

The program provides students with knowledge and skills in a variety of areas - with a key theoretical base in the social sciences - to create appropriate ways of managing rural problems in context.

What you read on the program

The program is organized into themes that include basic and advanced courses. It provides students with a broad understanding of rural development and natural resources management as well as more specialized knowledge of the complexities of the issues.

Students will learn how to facilitate and manage development projects and acquire knowledge and skills to conduct research. The courses provide theoretical knowledge applied through various case studies and scenarios, which require active participation.

Future outlook
A Master's degree in Rural Development and Natural Resource Management offers job opportunities within organizations that focus on development issues. These include jobs in academia, research, private sector, consultancy firms, governmental or non-governmental organizations and local, national or international institutions.

Master's degree in Rural Development