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Political Science, Master’s Program, 120 ECTS Credits

As a student on this program, you will develop your skills in political science with guidance from highly professional teachers. During the first semester, you will be allocated a personal mentor from among the teaching staff to help you to orientate yourself within the discipline.

This master of science program imparts systematic, in-depth knowledge and understanding of core lines of thought and analysis in political science, and thus enhances students' ability to analyse politics scientifically. In addition, the program offers training in social science methodology. The overall objective is to provide students with the tools to develop their analytical and problem-solving capacity and to apply that capacity independently to studies within the discipline. The program includes a single platform for advanced studies in political science, comprising courses in the theory of science, political theory, analytical approaches in political science, and methodology. In addition, the students specialize in one of two fields, Comparative Political Analysis or International Relations, each of which has its own courses. The fourth and final semester features the compilation of a substantial dissertation. The dissertation and other assignments during the program are written with close reference to ongoing research within the School of Social Sciences.

Political science graduates are well qualified for work in the private and public sectors, as well as in the non-governmental organisations that operate between those sectors. The program offers valuable training for a career in which investigation, evaluation and analysis of politically relevant questions is required. The master of science also gives a solid base for students who intend to continue to doctoral studies.

Programme structure

1 (Fall)
  • Theory of Knowledge 7,5cr
  • Individual reading course 7,5cr
  • Approaches to Political Science 15cr

2 (Spring)
  • International Relations I 7,5cr or Comparative Politics I 7,5cr
  • Quantitative Research Methods 7,5cr
  • Individual reading course 7,5cr
  • International Relations II 7,5cr or Comparative Politics II 7,5cr

3 (Fall)
  • Political Theory 7,5cr
  • Individual reading course 7,5cr
  • Qualitative Research Methods 7,5cr
  • Comparative Research Methods 7,5cr

4 (Spring)
  • Dissertation 30cr


The equivalent of English B and a Bachelor's degree including 90 HE/ECTS credits in Political Science, Public Administration, or International Relations.


Master of Science with a major in Political Science.