Göteborgs universitet, Institutionen för tillämpad IT
Göteborgs universitet, Institutionen för tillämpad IT



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    120 hp (hec)

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    Göteborgs universitet, Institutionen för tillämpad IT

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    15 april

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    Universitet & Högskola

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    Master in Communication

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    Kommunikation, information & media

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    Phone: +46 (0)31-786 5964

Göteborgs universitet, Institutionen för tillämpad IT

Göteborgs universitet, Institutionen för tillämpad IT

Vid institutionen för tillämpad IT bedrivs utbildning och forskning inom informatik, lärande, kommunikation, och kognitionsvetenskap i nära samverkan med industri och offentlig sektor. Här utvecklas i... Läs mer

Master in Communication

Our programme stimulates independent, critical, and creative minds. Insights and perspectives from disciplines such as media and communication studies, linguistics, organization and management research, and sociology allow you to develop a comprehensive understanding of communication as a vibrant field of research and practice.

Through courses and student-driven activities, we bring people from all over the world with different professional and educational backgrounds together to create something that is bigger than the sum of its parts.

About the programme

The increasingly globalized, digitalized, and specialized society we live in today poses a number of complex challenges: fostering inclusion, equality and diversity in fast-changing work environments, ensuring and strengthening mental wellbeing in the light of online harassment and information overload, or for example listening and being heard in an arena of many competing voices. Communication is key in meeting challenges. Our programme empowers you to grow as an independent, critical researcher and skilled professional, able to navigate the intricate dimensions of intercultural, organizational, and digital communication.

The Master's Programme is taught in English and encourages applications from students all over the world.

After graduation

Graduates receive the degree Master of Science in Communication. You will be prepared for a career in the private or public sector, non-profit organizations, and communications agencies in a variety of fields, including public relations, international sales and marketing, media and journalism, management consulting, human resources and mediation, and communication training. You may also pursue a career in academia through PhD studies.

Alumni work at places such as Volvo, Ericsson, AstraZeneca, Doctors Without Borders, and the United Nations, with the following job titles and descriptions, among others:

  • labour relations strategist
  • HR consultant
  • digital communication consultant
  • social media content manager
  • communications officer
  • campaign strategist
  • media relations
  • marketing coordinator