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Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

SLU är ett universitet med samlad kunskap om ett hållbart nyttjande av de biologiska naturresurserna, inom miljö och inom livsvetenskaperna. Läs mer

Landscape Architecture 

Do you want to create beautiful and useful gardens, parks and landscapes? As a landscape architect affect you concretely how the environment around us looks and functions. You have an important role in building the society of the future, in the city or in the countryside, cultural and natural environments, and for various clients.

As a landscape plan, portray and manages your various outdoor environments, both in the city as well as in the surrounding cultural and natural landscape. You work idea-based and people-focus to create a sustainable society. Through a mbred understanding of man's relationship to his environment and with an ability to see the whole and change the landscape architect a key role among those who work with our physical environment.

What you read on the program

During the training you will be practicing in selecting appropriate approaches for different situations and tasks. As a landscape architect gives you suggestions on how the landscape should look like, but it is also about to launch, direct and manage the change process. Sketching is one of your most important tool and an effective way to communicate with colleagues, clients and the public.

The first three years, see a combination of courses that form a basis for your further studies. You read such courses in plant knowledge, garden history, ecology, morphology and landscape analysis. The courses combined with practical projects where you use your skills in real-world tasks. You exit the basic level to do an independent work.

The last two years immerses you in the design and planning through project courses and courses in theory and method. In Alnarp you can choose to read in-depth courses in design (design of park, garden, urban and landscape spaces), planning (planning, urban and landscape development), management (the province's care and renewal), environmental psychology (human interaction with their environment ), history (garden, park, urban and landscape history) as well as habitat and vegetation design.

You also do an applied practice for ten weeks where you have the opportunity to establish contacts with the labor market. During the two years choose some students to read a part of their education abroad through exchange programs with universities such as England, France, USA or Canada. You exit the advanced level to make an independent degree project.

Future outlook
Landscape Architects' labor market is versatile and constantly growing, internationally. According SACO union's summary of the architectural profession is today and in the long term balance in the labor market. In some regions and for recent graduates may be more difficult to get work done while there is a shortage of experienced architects. The Employment Service has more information about the architectural profession and prospects in Yrkeskompassen. Sweden Architects is an organization where the Forum landscapes are landscape architects page.

The program gives you a landscape architect degree.