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Within the English section of the Department of Languages and Literatures a wide range of subjects is included at undergraduate, advanced and doctoral levels. Courses at undergraduate level include, for example, phonetics, grammar, proficiency, and literature from the English-speaking world. Both language and literature survey courses are provided which look at the development and variation of English but also the social and cultural influences behind its development. It is also possible to study English at our branch office in Brighton, England. The subject has researchers and lecturers who have specialised either within English language studies or English literature. This means that students can choose to specialise within these two areas in the third term of undergraduate studies, at advanced level and at doctoral level. On completion of the International Language Program students will be entitled to a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Arts degree in English as part of the Language and Intercultural Communication Master?s Program (120 credits) at the department. In order to apply to the Language and Intercultural Communication Master?s Program students are required to demonstrate that they meet the requirements for the chosen language.