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Executive MBA

The CBS Executive MBA is designed with you in mind. We understand the challenges of combining this investment in your future with the demands of day-to-day business and personal life. Therefore we offer you three different ways to achieve your Executive MBA - choose the one which best fits you and your employer.

Tomorrow's challenges demand new leadership skills

An Executive MBA at CBS is an investment in yourself and your company which will pay off for years to come. The skills you will develop, the knowledge you will gain and the network you will build with fast-rising peers across various industries is all part of the experience which will stretch you and push you, as a life-changing experience should. We are now accepting applications for the Global Executive MBA starting September 2015. Click here to find out more about admissions.

Northern Europe’s leading Executive MBA Programme

Our triple-accredited CBS Executive MBA programme is ranked among the top global E-MBA programmes by the Financial Times 2014. We are providing an exciting and challenging Executive MBA programme based on a dynamic and constantly updated curriculum which puts you in ever-closer touch with the real world of business and delivers outstanding value both to yourself and to your sponsoring employer.

The programme is structured around three themes which interact in a disciplined progression:  

  • Business Leadership and Organisation
  • Financial Strategies
  • Business Innovation

You will explore your organisation from several different viewpoints, gaining new, usable perspectives on business practice, innovation and strategy. The courses will cover the areas of:

•   General Management
•   Business Analysis and Leadership
•   Business Development and Innovation

Three formats, two tracks

We recognise that one size does not fit all; especially not the top executive. Therefore, we offer three prestigious Executive MBA formats, and you can choose the one which best fits you and your employer: The Global Executive MBA, The Flexible Executive MBA or the Executive Certificate path. The Global Executive MBA follows the weekly track, meaning you will meet up for 11 one-week modules. The Flexible Executive MBA and the Executive Certificates follows the weekend track, with classes scheduled Fridays and Saturdays twice a month.