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Göteborgs universitet, Institutionen för tillämpad IT

Göteborgs universitet, Institutionen för tillämpad IT

Vid institutionen för tillämpad IT bedrivs utbildning och forskning inom informatik, lärande, kommunikation, och kognitionsvetenskap i nära samverkan med industri och offentlig sektor. Här utvecklas i... Läs mer

Digital Leadership - Master's programme

The master’s programme in Digital Leadership provides you the opportunity to gain deep understanding of how digitalization transforms industries and society. As a student of the programme, you will develop a toolset for a leading role in responsibly shaping this transformation.

Methods and techniques for analysing the implications of digitalization will complement your skills to manage and lead change in complex environments. Our programme focuses on strategies to simultaneously leverage digitalization and address potential negative effects.

About the programme

Digitalization offers almost unlimited opportunities for firms, public authorities, and citizens. However, digitalization is a force without conscience, and existing markets, organizations, and technologies can be steamrolled, exacerbating and causing new societal challenges. Digital leadership requires the capability to navigate competing concerns of digitalization, but also actively orchestrate digital innovation processes.

In order to preserve valuable learned experiences, we must learn to navigate a new landscape where digitalization needs coexist with established proven practices. Our newly developed master’s programme in Digital Leadership has adapted to this changing landscape by providing you with capabilities in five distinct areas:

  • technological change
  • value creation
  • organizing
  • market logic
  • strategy

Programme Structure and Content

The first two semesters provide a solid foundation with four mandatory courses:

  • Innovation Strategy for the Digital Economy
  • Governance and Control for Digital Capabilities
  • Digital Infrastructure
  • Organizing for Digital Transformation

During the third semester, you can choose elective courses from the University of Gothenburg or another university, or choose the following recommended courses:

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Digital Society
  • Research Methods

The final semester consists of your independent master’s thesis.

Read an interview with Maria Weise from Germany, who is in her first year in the new master’s programme Digital Leadership.

After Graduation

Graduates receive the degree Master of Science with a major in Digital Leadership.

You will be prepared for a career that extends far beyond traditional positions in consulting and corporate IT Departments. As digitalization enters ever more spheres of society, the potential is there for jobs to be created for specific situations. You can take advantage of this increasingly digitalized landscape by carving out your own role or position in a place that interests you, or you can pursue existing roles like the following:

  • innovation manager
  • digital strategist
  • digital designer
  • chief information officer
  • chief technology officer
  • chief digital officer
  • digital brand director
  • head of digital platforms
  • digital marketing manager
  • content acquisition manager
  • digital transformation officer

You will also be prepared to pursue further studies at the doctoral level.