Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet



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    2 år, 120 hp

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    Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

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    18 april

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    28 augusti

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    Universitet & Högskola

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    Ingen information för tillfället

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    Master's degree in Animal Science

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    Veterinär & Djurvård
    Medicin & Farmaci

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    Phone: +46-18-672800
    Phone hours: Monday-Wednesday and Friday 10.00-12.00, Thursday 13.00-15.00

Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

SLU är ett universitet med samlad kunskap om ett hållbart nyttjande av de biologiska naturresurserna, inom miljö och inom livsvetenskaperna. Läs mer

Animal Science

Our pets are a big part of our society. They provide us all with food and clothing, whilst our sporting and companion animals gives us other advantages. Whatever we expect of our animals, it is important that they both thrive in their use and well.

Through research, education and advisory work are students at the Animal Science specializing in animal husbandry. They can help to improve production and ensure that our animals are well. Animal Science plays an increasingly important role internationally with regard to improving and developing animal husbandry in practice. The Master program is 2 years and will prepare you for jobs in a variety of areas.

What you read on the program

By choosing courses and major shareholders on the basis of your interest in the thesis, you can create a custom targeting for your education. The areas available to choose from are ethology / animal welfare / Animal Environment, Nutrition / production biology or genetics / breeding. The program ends late with a degree project of 30 credits which you immerse yourself in a subject that you choose.

The program offers a scientific foundation that makes it possible to identify, analyze and solve problems while you have animals' and society's needs in focus. Several teachers on the program's researchers and students will therefore be in close contact with current research. The courses include various teaching methods, such as lectures, laboratory sessions, seminars, visits and shorter projects.

Future outlook
The interest for animals and their interactions with humans has led to a strong labor market for husdjursvetare. The program gives you a master's degree with a specialization in animal science. As husdjursvetare can work nationally or internationally with research or product development, agriculture / animal counseling and evaluation. There are also exciting career opportunities in teaching, information and journalism industry.

Master's degree in animal science, 120hp.