Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet



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    2 years, 120 credits

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    Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

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    18 april

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    28 august

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    Universitet & Högskola

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  • Examen

    Degree of Master of Science (120 Credits) in Business and Economics with a major in Business Administration alternative with a major in Economics

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    Ekonomi, handel & administration

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Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

SLU är ett universitet med samlad kunskap om ett hållbart nyttjande av de biologiska naturresurserna, inom miljö och inom livsvetenskaperna. Läs mer

Agricultural Economics and Management

How is the economy affected by climate change in agriculture? Do you want a career where you work with the economic issues surrounding, agriculture, food and natural resources?

The agricultural sector is facing major challenges at both the local and global levels. There are challenges that place high demands on sound knowledge and understanding of current and future problems. With a master's degree in Agricultural Economics and Management, you get good knowledge in business administration or economics and how they are applied in agriculture, the rural economy and agricultural policy.

What you read on the program

Students on this program read together with our students in the program agronomist - economy. The program Agricultural Economics and Management offers you the opportunity to develop your understanding and your skills in business administration or economics. You get to choose one of these two substances that your major on the program and build your own profile based on the elective courses that the university offers.

The program is offered in close cooperation with the master's program in Agricultural Food and Evironmental Policy Analysis (AFEPA). This gives students the opportunity to benefit from the international aspect that is in addition to what is offered in Agricultural Economics and Management.

Future outlook
The agricultural sector is continuously changing and is constantly facing new challenges. Therefore, there is good demand of economists focused on the agricultural sector which has a good knowledge of business and economics. Economists from SLU can find employment in the private and public sectors. Potential employers include banks, financial institutions, advisory services, agricultural cooperatives, organizations and authorities. Some students have started their own businesses, either as consultants or on their own farm. Graduates also have good opportunities to apply for a PhD program.