Are you looking to study abroad. Here you will find information about studying abroad. When you have decided to conduct studies abroad your life will change immediately and there are several things you need to consider. Below you will find some solid advice and tips of things to remember when you decide to study abroad. If you're considering language travel, most language travel providers will help you with the neccessary practical precautions, e.g. flights and housing.

Are you instead pursuing a post high school course at a college or university there are other things you need to remember. If you've applied to several educations you need to gain assurance that you've been accepted, and if so, decide whether you still want to attend. In connection with you acceptance, you should contact CSN and find out if you are allowed to gain financial aid for studies. You also need to consider if you can make due with the financial aid or if you need to find a part time job or a scholarschip.

Visas for studying abroad

There are no visa requirements within the European Union. If you on the other hand wish to study a longer period in the United States or outside the EU, you need to apply for a student visa. You will then need to contact the host country's embassy here in Sweden and provide proof that you've gained acceptance to the school in question.


If you wish to make preparations well ahead of your acceptance to sought after school, you might consider buying cancellation insurance if you are not accepted to the education in question.

Vaccination vid utlandsstudier

Du kan kan vaccinera dig och få ytterligare information på din lokala vaccinationsklinik. Vilka vaccin du får beror främst på vilket land du tänkt studera i, detta får du dock hjälp med via din vaccinationsklinik.


For studies abroad, you should get an adequate insurance. Make sure to contact your insurance company in order to ascertain whether your properly covered for any issue that might arise abroad.

Har du tänkt att studera inom EU (uppdaterad lista på nuvarande medlemsländer på Wikipedia). Eftersom Sverige är medlem har du som EU-medborgare tillgång till sociala förmåner enligt de regler som gäller i respektive land. För att få detta skall du fylla i blanketten E128 som finns att hämta på Försäkringskassan och ta med dig den till utlandet.

Living arrangements while living abroad

Most colleges and universities offer living arrangements on Campus. It is however recommended that you visit your dormitory to ensure that it's pleasant and is located in a safe secure area close to campus or with adequate public transports nearby. Check the location of your dormitory on Google Maps. If you are not satisfied with your housing, most colleges and universities have public boards with housing or you might check with the school administration.

Life at home

If you are currently living alone you might need to forward your mail. If you don't intend to rent out your home, you need to decide wether you temporarily want to cancel your electricity. Also ensure that your credit or debit card works abroad.

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